I spent six years in the high Nevada desert. It was a great change for me as I am originally from the woody, foggy east coast. I was in awe of the naked, rugged terrain and how the lack of atmosphere and bright, relentless sun and wind formed vast, endless sky and skeletal terrain. I became very interested in recording the earth’s nascent bones and how it interacted with an ultramarine sky. As I painted and watched, I moved from formal observation to expressive interpretation and began to abstract my landscapes to bring texture and layer to the forefront. I began to play more with depth and surface using a variety of sanders and building materials to move into and out of the two dimensional surface of the painting. I built frames on top of the paintings to address edges and worked in large scale on masonite, plywood and luann.

After my family and I relocated to Denver, I began to explore the more formal qualities of form and space with clay.