I have recently delved into wheel thrown and hand built ceramics. I began with a handbuilding class at Stoneleaf Pottery in Arvada and moved to wheel throwing. I currently work at the studio of the South Suburban Pottery Guild.

Wheel throwing is very technically demanding and I was delighted to be a novice again. I use this learning experience to inform my teaching. It has been a wonderful journey to understand the nature of clay and centrifugal force.

I am edified by the great variety of clay bodies and their different languages. Each must be learned with a physical conversation. I am excited by glazes and how they interact with clay bodies with surprising and unexpected results. Lastly, I am exploring different firing techniques from oxidation to reduction and the vagaries of pit firing. I find the experience very romantic.

I am also interested in the humble planter. I believe it is an extension of form and color to pair a utilitarian vessel with a purely aesthetic thing such as a house plant, especially the weird varieties of succulent available right now. I continue to explore at every opportunity.