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I have a ceramics shop!

I’m very excited to offer my pots and vases for sale. Please visit:

Some animation tidbits.

I’ve included videos to a stop motion animation that I created for an animation class that I taught at Truckee Meadows Community College.



And a class video produced in Lightwave.




I post my pottery frequently on Instragram. You can click on the menu sidebar for a scroll of recent images.

I can also be found at #naominickersonart


Sharing My Passion

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Sample Lesson Plan – Primary

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My Work

Over the years I have played with many different mediums. A painter at heart, I believe that understanding the fundamentals of line, texture, form, value, shape and color informs all types of self expression. I have utilized this knowledge to create work with graphite, Photoshop, oil paint, clay, wood and metal.

Media are tools that help an artist promote her world view. And the artist is the voice which records, reflects and evolves society. Many artists today utilize a multitude of tools to express themselves and contemporary art has broken free of the hegemony, the traditional gallery and museum portal and even the rectangular frame.

I believe it is important to understand the history of the medium. I am currently mastering the potters wheel and am exploring the medium of clay and glaze.

My work is separated into two categories below. Please click on the links to explore and contact me if you have any questions.

Two Dimensional Work

Altered Vessels



Gallery of Student Work

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